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7th, 8th U-Learning schools in Nepal.

Kathmandu university(KU), National Research Foundation of S.Korea(NRF) and NSD expanded Project EEO BULT to 2 more province in Nepal.

We're going to implement reformed class based on U-Learning technologies to 2 schools in remote area of Nepal.

And we'll gathered the result of educational effect from this project to publish a paper.

Thanks for your effort!!! Especially Dr.Manish and Dr.Kharel and Mr.Kim :)

Our car had problem that's why we could take a rest on the road. :)

Research activities by Dr.Kharel.

Night meeting for preparation of activities. (Mr.Kim, Mr.Jagat, Principle, Cavin, Dr.Manish, Ms.Lee, Dr.Kharel)

Research activities by Dr.Kharel.

Teachers and Village people gave huge hospitality to us. (The box is U-Learning box for educators ; It'll give an U-Learning services to students by local teachers)

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