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Put your passion to project "EEO BULT".

We believe that ICT technology and human collaboration can solve the existing problem ; such as connectivity problem, gap of knowledge, and mismatch of information resources.


We can make better educational infra- structure for human being.


*The educational infrastructure is composed of education software platform, hardwares, training contents and policy of distribution.

Activities in NEPAL


Since 2014, NSD with Changwon National University in S.Korea, and Tribhuvan University in Nepal started EEO BULT for special needs education under Korea government's ODA fund.

Want to join with EEO BULT?
Lets get started "EEO BULT".

After earthquake. "Manekharka"


Year 2015, heavy earthquake occurred in Nepal.


Lots of people lost their house, works, even their dreams.

We saw there're many international organizations, NGO, and individual came to Nepal for help them. That's why we can concentrate to find out good methods to educate the people who lost education opportunity.


According to our decision, we started to donate "tablet PC", "smart beam", and "u-learning/UBT software", "training content" to school, orphanage, and university.




*NSD, Changwon National University, NRF in S.Korea, and Kathmandu University, KU Hospital in Nepal joined this EEO BULT project.

Activities in South Africa


Since 2014, Umfolozi college Richtek campus and NSD is being changed education environment based on u-learning technology (Includes UBT).


Year 2015, both parties started training program for educators in college and public school teachers in Zulu land.


Umfolozi college Richtek campus will be u-learning hub college in South Africa.

Activities in Mongolia.


Year 2015, NSD made several relationship with educational organizations in Mongolia based on Project EEO BULT.


Not only higher education sector, but also secondary higher education sectors participate to the project.


We believe that the technologies and cooperations can enhance a traditional education environment in Mongolia for quality education service.

Activities in Haiti, Mongolia, South Africa


Since 2014, NSD, University of Georgia College of education in USA, and DFI in Haiti started EEO BULT for the children.


Dec-2014, NSD and MUST(Public sector), Square Synergy inc(Private sector) in Mongolia, Changwon National University(Public sector) in S.Korea started EEO BULT for innovative higher education.

Activities in Indonesia


Since 2012, NSD, University of Pasundan(UNPAS, Private sector) in Bandung and PT.PEP(Private sector) started EEO BULT for innovative higher education in Indonesia.


In 2014, University of Indonesia(UI, Public sector) joined the project EEO BULT.

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